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Things I've learned during Pregnancy (20 wks down 20 to go!) - Stunted Youth [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Things I've learned during Pregnancy (20 wks down 20 to go!) [Mar. 31st, 2013|01:15 am]

1. Almost any and all weird symptoms I feel can be directly blamed on hormones and pregnancy, this includes but is not limited to bad moods, weird pains, and all food cravings be them good or bad.
2. You loose control of things you took for granted that you once had control over, ie. holding "it" in, temper tantrums, general coordination, excessively loud snoring/ breathing/ wheezing, and skin cleanliness.
3. I will probably never sleep well again, now because of a belly which in my unique case has both sides occupied by left/baby and right/kidney transplant, while back and tummy are not sleeping options, I'm left with little to no choice on sleep positions. Afterwards the newborn and so on and so forth, good bye late nights hello rising sun, or worse hello to both ! :(
4. The good things I've learned are plenty too, I feel stronger than I ever was, more responsible, capable. I know finances will be tight but I feel that I'm mentally and spiritually prepared to undergo this adventure that is parenting. I may not be PHYSICALLY there but I have the WILL to get there and the motivation to do it for someone else other than myself.
I pray these remaining 20 weeks go by smoothly, and I pray Benjamin comes into this world healthy and well. I love him more than anything and I haven't even met him yet. It's truly a miracle, this is all a great blessing!

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