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Reflection on this journal. Complete overhaul effective ASAP! [Feb. 23rd, 2011|02:50 am]
[Current Location |US, Tennessee, Murfreesboro, Rutherford, Risen Star Dr, 3308]

So as I read a few of my last journal entries I've been a pretty sad sap. Nothing much has changed I mean it is 2:31 am and I'm writing on LJ on my phone in a pitch black room with Chris deep in slumber next to me, not much has sadly changed at all. Although I am much more aware of the sad bitching and moaning I do on this blog, but thats okay because I'm pretty certain the only person who will read it is me.
First of all as I like to do when I start writing after a long hiatus is catch up the reader which I'm sure is me in the future of what I'm doing currently in the present. First of all it's 2011 and I'm in TN living here for Christopher of course and both of us are actually none too happy with the situation. Don't get me wrong are apartment is sweet but we're city folk, big city folk, and Murfreesboro is just not doing it for us. We really plan on moving back after our lease is up in Oct. but we haven't told his family so I'm not really sure if he has committed to that plan as of now, but boy am I ready to go back :(
Oh more of me complaining, told ya things haven't changed much.
I suppose one thing that has changed is Chris and I have been in a really good place in our relationship. He has really been a better bf since the move. He has matured in this whole part of our journey.

See how happy we are in Chicago when we visited last month? I just hope things are different if we move back, I think they would be. We realized the mistakes we made when we had everything and took it for granted but I hope to think we don't let that happen again if given the chance...
Well I underestimated how hard it is to write a journal entry this late with no light in an apartment filled with a symphony of snoring so I'll just cut it short and simply say I will write more when I can, since I've been having a lot of sleepless nights for some reason...

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